Succesful multiplier event!

Succesful multiplier event!

Posted on: 19 May 2016 By: János

The first multiplier event of the Flip-IT! project was held on 17 May 2016 in the buildings of the Számalk-Szalézi Vocational School.

This consultation event was presented using the flipped class method, to allow participants to experience the opportunities inherent in the method, and the advantages and difficulties as well. The participants were shown how easy it can be to create video tutorials without much experience, and to use animation software to make these videos easier to understand and visually impressive.

During the workshop, teachers discussed and collaborated on building an example of a class framework with FC method. All of the 7 groups selected different topics, developed their products and presented these to the consultation participants in a short session.

Finally, we are confident that there is a good chance for the wide use of a Flipped Classroom method, particularly with the use of short videos as the world of education is moving in this direction and as teacher it is very important to keep up to the requirements of our time.

We asked the participants to watch following videos before the event.

Program of the meeting was following:


Greeting and introduction

The meeting was opened by Dr. Sediviné, Ildikó Balassa headmaster of Számalk-Szalézi Vocational School. After the opening all participants made a short introduction about themselves and their school, especially how extent ICT-tools are used and which kind of infrastructure they have for this work?


Mária Hartyányi (iTStudy): Flipped classroom? What is this? A new panacea to redemption of pedagogy?


János Szabó, Szilvia Töreky, Gábor Lajtos (iTStudy): Beginner’s experiences –Animation and video editing in practice (without a film director, cameraman or sound technician graduate!)


Questions & answers


Coffee pause




Lunch int he campus’ restaurant


Gábor Orgoványi senior art teacher (SZÁMALK-Szalézi Vocational School): Is there a chance to become video to a "daily" educational tool?


Final discussion