Multiplier event with 70 VET teachers in Budapest

Multiplier event with 70 VET teachers in Budapest

Posted on: 21 February 2018 By: maria.hartyanyi

On 19 of February we had a great FlipIT event in Budapest, in the Számalk-Szalézi Vocational Secondary School (see the photos on FlipIT FB page: with 70 participants from 39 vocational school and from 19 cities from all part of Hungary! All Hungarian FlipIT partners were there of course, but now only Számalk and iTStudy made the presentations, as the other VET schools will receive the focus on the final meeting.

Ildikó Balassa and Ildikó Babócsy gave fantastic presentations on the theory and practice of FC method. I. Balassa provided a comprehensive overview about the background of FC, and I. Babócsy reported the practical experiences on her experiments with students (with controll group) she made as a part of her diplom work during the last months. These two presentations gave living experiences, so the participants liked them very much. Before these presentations Dr. J. Györy from the Department of Pedagogy of the biggest teacher education Hungarian university - ELTE - gave us a highly interesting academic lecture about the place of FC among the other teaching-learning methodologies, and not only the participants but all of us enjoyed it very much.

At the end of the event we organized a debate between two groups of participants - who were positive/negative about the usability of FC, it was also very exiting!

The Hungarian pilot will start on the Moodle platform ( ) on 26 of February, however a lot of teachers registered already and introduced themselves. The final value of the numbers of participants will be seen only on 26 of February, but more than 80 VET teachers checked in advance. If you enter the Hungarian course, you will see the activities :).